The Fireboat John J. Harvey has been named as 2018’s Tug of the Year for the 19th annual Tugboat Roundup. While not actually a tug, the Fireboat John J. Harvey, is fierce workhorse and well deserving of the honor. 

John J. Harvey was built and launched in 1931, and served the City of New York and New York Harbor as an active fireboat until she retired in 1994. She was destined for the scrapyard after retirement, but saved and restore by a group of dedicated volunteers. 

On 9/11/01 the John J Harvey was called back into service and pumped water for 80 hours until water mains in lower Manhattan were restored to service.  

We've had the honor of having the Harvey join us for previous Roundups, and other visits to Waterford and we are thrilled to honor her this year. The Harvey will be the star of the Tugboat Parade on Friday, September 7 and open for tours at the Roundup on September 8th.  

For more information on the John J Harvey, visit their website: