The Atlantic Hunter II hails from Norwood, Massachusetts, and is owned & operated by Ben & Linda Grudinskas, who are also sponsors of the Tugboat Roundup.  Ben, Linda, and the Atlantic Hunter are Roundup regulars.

The Atlantic Hunter II is powered by an 82 hp. Isuzu engine and with its three-blade prop will do 9.6 knots.  29′ long by 8′ wide, she draws 2½ feet, displacing 7400 pounds.  She features real working bronze portholes, solid wood paneling interior with mahogany and teak trim, wood taken from 60’s era wooden boats that were destined for the breakers, and steel fore & aft “H” bitts and quarter bitts.

She is a past winner of the Waterford Tugboat Roundup Little Toot award and the 2017 Tug of the Year.