The Town of Waterford Presents the

2016 Waterford Tugboat Roundup

September 8th, 9th and 10th

It's spring and it's time to start listing our 2017 sponsors! We're proud of them - this what makes a community home with companies and individuals contributing to events, festivals and our lives. Sponsors remain on the website for a full year - and the list is just getting started for the 2017 Tugboat Roundup! +++ +++

Sponsor the Tugboat Roundup

The Tugboat Roundup is a sponsor supported event,  annually produced by the Town of Waterford.  

For more information on how to become a sponsor, please call the town office or contact us through the contact form on this web page. 

2017 Sponsorship Info - Click here.

Deckhand (Level 6) $ 100 - $ 249

Sponsors will be listed on both the website and the official program

Oiler (Level 5) $ 250 - $ 499

Sponsors will be listed in all print media, the website, official program and receive frequent mention during announcements over the weekend.

Engineer (Level 4) $ 500 - $ 999

Sponsors will be listed in all print media, the website, official program, receive frequent mention during announcements and will be listed on signs throughout the grounds.

First Mate (Level 3) $ 1,000 - $ 2,499

Sponsors will be listed in all print media, the website official program, receive frequent mention in announcements, be listed on signage and have two tickets to ride in the Tugboat Parade (typically sponsor and guest).

Captain (Level 2) $ 2,500 - $ 4,999

Sponsors will have all of First mate's benefits in addition to gift bags of Tugboat memorabilia and prime placement in advertising.

Harbormaster (Level 1) $ 5,000

Sponsors have all of the Captain's benefits, plus a sponsorship booth at the event.

Fireworks Main Sponsor $ 10,000

"2013 Tugboat Roundup Fireworks Sponsored By _______."

We will work with you on visibility opportunities before, during and post event, addressing any specific requirements, conditions or needs you may have. There will be inclusion in all print and television media and signs will be displayed during the event marking you as Fireworks Sponsor. Gift bags will be available for your company's representatives and guests. Frequent mentions will be made during announcements. Guests and Representatives of your company will be invited to ride aboard a tug during the Parade and will also be invited to a VIP Reception and special viewing of the fireworks spectacular on Saturday night.