Award Winners of 2016

We're Happy to Announce The 2017 Winners!

Tug of the Year:     "Atlantic Hunter II"   This is a home-built mini, modeled after a NYC railroad tug of the early to mid 20th century.  Without plans, Ben Grundinskas looked at some pictures and paintings and went to work, starting with a planing, center-console runabout and ending with a classic tug - 30' long and about 1/3 scale to those classic boats that captured his dreams.   Owners Captain Ben and Linda Grudinskas have been attending the Roundup with this boat since 2010.

Line Throwing:      NY Marine Highway's Zach Drake.   Zach had a successful toss of an 8 strand dock line (2 1/4") at 15, 20 and from 25'.   

2nd Place Line Throwing:   Coeymans Marine Towing's Paddy Alfisi.   Paddy took an unofficial 4th try after the competition and hit the pin so neatly, so cleanly from 30' that we had to give this to him.   (Yes, a longer distance, but it was that 'beyond the rules' thing....)

Li'l Toot Award:     Mike Magnant, owner of "L'il Toot."   While Mike couldn't bring the boat up this year, he made the trip by himself from eastern Massachusetts just for the day on Sunday to see his good friends, Ben and Linda, get the Tug of the Year award for "Atlantic Hunter II."

Jolly Roger Award:  NYS Marine Highway's Nathan G, it's captain Lars Ventland and NYSMH Ops Manager Dennis Wasiewski for sneaking into the Roundup with this massive tug in the last few hours of Saturday afternoon.   And then, they wedged the boat into mooring by, literally, hip-checking (think hockey) in between two other tugs.   Nice show and definitely worth the Jolly Roger Award.

Long Haul Award"Cheyenne",  Captain Wade Streeter just bought this tug from DonJon in New Jersey.  It's been re-painted in its new colors and while it's not far from New Jersey - Wade stopped here, specifically for the Roundup, on his way to Detroit and the tug's new home.   By the Way, the "Cheyenne" is the only boat to have won the Tug of the Year - twice.

Best in Show:         NYSMH tug "Sarah D".   The crew spent a lot of time making this boat look fantastic for the Roundup.  A workhorse often seen in NY Harbor and the Hudson River (as well as along the coast of the Northeast), Sarah D was also bedecked with special lighting, plants, tables and more for the Roundup.   Throughout the event, staff of the company was there to offer invitations to the public to take a look at the boat and see what life on board one of these machines is like.

People's Choice:    "8th Sea."   This crowd favorite is a former Army tug and can often be seen at the Waterford wall.   It's owner and Captain, Bill Curry, spends a good part of his summers in the area and is a help for boats, the Visitor's Center and more.

Bart Brake Award for Lifetime Achievement:  Bill Curry.  Bill is an institution in the Waterford area with his former Army tug, "8th Sea."  Always, more than willing to help anybody, Bill is a sponsor of the Roundup, a believer in inland navigation, and proponent of the NYS Canal System.   Bill, no matter what he does, would rather have the people he helps  simply pay it forward than take any kind of compensation, whether it's for towing a boat, giving directions, advice, or actually getting into an engine room, getting covered with grease and fixing the problem.   Bill is definitely one who embodies the spirit of the canal and canal people, making us all just a little more proud to be upstate New Yorkers.