The Town of Waterford Presents the

2016 Waterford Tugboat Roundup

September 8th, 9th and 10th

It's spring and it's time to start listing our 2017 sponsors! We're proud of them - this what makes a community home with companies and individuals contributing to events, festivals and our lives. Sponsors remain on the website for a full year - and the list is just getting started for the 2017 Tugboat Roundup! +++ +++

Award Winners of 2016

We're Happy to Announce The 2016 Winners!

Tug of the Year:     NYS Marine Highway's Frances.  A "Super-canaller," this boat has been with the NYSMH fleet since 2013.  It's often seen along the canal system, the Great Lakes, Hudson River and east coast. 

Line Throwing:      NY Marine Highway's Chuck Lehner.   Chuck had a successful toss of a heavy 8 strand line (2 1/4") from 25'.   

Nose to Nose:        (Small Tugs)     For the second year in a row, TooT TooT, Captain Mike Magnant

Li'l Toot Award:     Bathtug, Captain Joe Lanaan of Wyndham, NH

Jolly Roger Award:  Captain Ben Grudinskas, of Atlantic Hunter.  

Best Vintage TugGovernor Cleveland.  A NYS Canal Corporation boat, this was the canal's first ambassador tug, showcasing the history and use of the waterway in 1985.  Today, that role belongs to the Urger and the Cleveland continues to be a workhorse along the system.

Long Haul AwardKo-Hog, Captain Obie from Centerville, MA (out on the cape.

Best in Show:         New York State Marine Highway.  Having started as a marina operator and small salvage company in Troy, this is now a major player in inland transportation along the Hudson River, NY Canals and Great Lakes.  Also see all along the eastern coast, NYSMH has a fleet of 8 boats from small pushers to two twin engine coastal tugs.  The company stands for everything we find ideal including, of course, being great advocates for inland waterways!

People's Choice:    Sarah D  swept the ballot box.  The largest tug on the wall at 28 meters long, she is  coastal model bow, twin engine boat and new (3 months) to the NYSMH fleet.  Peoples Choice is sponsored by Lucas Vineyards, vintners of the Tugboat Wines.

Bart Brake Award for Lifetime Achievement:  Russ VanderVoort of Waterford.  Russ has been an advocate and historian of the entire NYS canal system for as long as anyone can remember.  He has a personal collection of all kinds of photos, memorabilia and writings and is often found doing presentations of all kinds on the history, use and building of this incredible waterway, now beginning a series of bicentennial celebrations.